Fear Before The March Of Flames - My Fucking Deer Hunter tab

My (Fucking) Deer Hunter
Fear Before the March of Flames
The Always Open Mouth
Nataku/JJ Murphy

Intro [Keyboard interpretation for guitar]A#|------- ---------------|A |------- ---------------|F |--8-10- x3 --10-8----8-10-| This is repeated throught the intro and verses.C |-7----- -7-------7-----|G |------- ---------------| * = Hit lightly, or use a soft palm mute.C |------- ---------------| * * *
verse/pre-chorus [Keyboard interpretation for guitar] this comes in right before the chorus and Sounds like:
chorus (strumming not shown)
theres a wall.. where there's god...//gave them greed|------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||5555555---------101010101010101010----999999999-||5555555---------101010101010101010----999999999-||5555555---------101010101010101010----999999999-|
|-------- ---------- ---------||-------- ---------- ---------||-------- ---------- ---------||-10-9-5- --12-10-9- --6-10-9-||-10-9-5- -9-------- -9-------||-10-9-5- ...---------- ---------|
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