Fear Factory - 0-0 Where Evil Dwells tab

Author/Artist: Fear Factory
Title: 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
Album: Obsolete
Transcribed by: Thommoboy
Email: lambofgod2009@live.com.au

Notation Key:

*: palm muted note
h: hammer-on
p: pull-off
b: bend
r: release
/: slide up
\: slide down
v: vibrato
t: right hand tap
x: muted note (or rake)
n.h.: natural harmonic
a.h.: artificial harmonic

Tuning: 7-string guitar on a 6-string down tuned a full
step (A D G C F A).

Although the intro sounds like a guitar, it is actually a heavily
distorted bass.

Riff A-|----|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-|----|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-2--|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-2--|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-2--|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-|----|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff B-|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|-|-44445554--44-5----44445554--4--5--|----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|******** ** * ******** * *
Arrangement: Riff A (x1) Riff B (x4) Bass part Riff B (x4) Riff A (x1) Riff B (x4) Bass part Riff B (x4) Riff A (x1) Riff B (x8) Riff A (x1) End
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