Fear Factory – Cars Remix tab

ok this is cars and its right so... if you dont think its right then just wow.  but if i 
a typo and missed it or you reeaaallly believe somethings wrong just email me at 
 this needs to be tuned in drop D.  thats where you drop the E string down to D.

this is all the parts im just way way too lazy to listen to the song and tell you the 
 but it wont be to hard. as far as i can remember from memory the first part goes 4 times 
the second part twice...and heavy heavy distortion.

E-----------------------|B-----------------------|G---7/6-----------------|D---7/6---5---7----7-7--| 4xA---5/4---5---7----7-7--|E---------5---7----7-7--|
E------------------|--------------------|B------------------|--------------------|G---------4--------|-----7--------------|D---4/5---4----4---|--0--7--7----9-10-9-|me no remember order on second partA---4/5---2----4---|--0--5--7----9-10-9-|E---4/5--------4---|--0-----7----9-10-9-|
E-||---------------------|-----------------------|B-||---------------------|-----------------------|G-||-----7------10---9---|-----------------------|D-||--0--7--7---10---9---|--0--0-----------------|me no remember orderA-||--0--5--7---8----7---|--0--0------------5----|E-||--0-----7------------|--0--0----5h7----------|
like i said the order is easy to get so dont pass this one over its the only accurate one.
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