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                    I Thought I Knew You(But I dont)

intro(acousic) E-0--13(x2)0---03-01--0310-------------31-------------------------|--------------------------03-01--0310---1p3----------------------|----------------------------------------------1------------------|----------------------------------------------2------------------|----------------------------------------------2------------------|-0--00(x2)0------------------------------------------------------|
verse D E-------1-------------2----------1------------------------------------|---------3-------------3---------------------------------------------|----------2--------------2-------------------------------------------|-----0------------------------2--------------------------------------|----------------------------2----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 1 I thought I knew you,But I dont I thought you loved me,apparently not But besides, Between all this and the lies, Just leavin'me here, All alone, Its Wrong,
Chorus Do this when (!) E A D (((((0h3-1------1-)) ------3p1-1---------)--))(chorus)Whats wrong with you baby?(!) Maybe just call me one day,(!) I thought i saw you, I thought i knew you, I Thought i knew you,but i dont,(!)
verse 2 When i look at you, I see your skin, When i look in your eyes, I see your soul,Inside Thats where i am,I'm Lost I am lost, Lost without,Without you (chorus) I am lost,without you, I really need you back, Just listen,(please) I know you'll understand, I got you all wrong,I misunderstood Without you,i'm lost But i thought i knew you... Knew you better... I thought the world was getting better, I could be wrong,or not, Just one last time (chorus)
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