Feeder - Feeling A Moment chords

This song is played with a Capo on the 2nd fret. 

Saw them playing this awesome song live and Grant played it this way. 
I also own the official tab book, but this sounds A LOT better on electric guitar 
than the transcription in the book. 
I prefer the book tab for acoustic playing, though :)
Intro, chorus and Bridge are played with medium gain distortion.
IMPORTANT: Turn your Guitar Volume down for this so it doesn´t sound muddy!
The verses are played with a clean sound.

Note: G5 refers to a standard G chord with muted a-string, not the power 
      D5 refers to the power chord on the d,g,b strings with an 
      additional a on the high e-string (5th fret)!

Intro: G5,D,Asus4

Verse and Chorus: Same chord structure as intro. Just add a little distortion
                  to the chorus!
                  After the second chorus you play D,G5,D5! (see structure
                  for details)

Verse II: G5,D,Asus4

Bridge: Bm,G5,D,Asus4

This is actually the whole song!

The structure is:

Chorus (here you play D,G5,D5 when Grant sings "all the things you do...") 
Bridge x2
Verse II x2
Chorus x2 (Turn dist. off for the last three chords!)

Have fun playing and please rate!
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