Feeder - Feeling A Moment chords



First verse:

A E BFeeling the moment slip away
A E B Losing direction you're losing faith,
AYou're wishing for someone
E BFeeling it all begin to slide,
C#m A B Am I just like you
C#m A AAll the things you do - can't help myself
E B AHow do you feel when there's no sun?
E How do you feel when rain drops
B ACome pouring down again?
E BHow do you feel when there's no one?
C#m A BAm I just like you
Second verse: chords like in first verse Outro:
C#m ADon't ever feel that you're alone
EI'll never let you down,
BI'll never leave you dry,
C#mDon't fall apart
ADon't let it go
ECarry the motion,
B ACarry the motion back to me
The following words are played with the chords of the verses
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