Feeder - Heads tab

Band: Feeder
Song: Heads
Album: Buck Rogers CDS


A9 C7 Em D GE|---0---0---0---2---3---|B|---0---0---0---3---3---|G|---2---0---0---2---0---|D|---2---2---2---0---0---|A|---0---3---2-------2---|E|-----------0-------3---|
Intro: A9 C7 Verse: A9 C7 A9 Looking at all of your friends Em Wishing you could be like them A9 C7 Running on glass floors again Em D Just so you can be knocked down A9 C7 Swimming in the oceans of blame A9 Em Drown as it pulls you in A9 C7 Wrapping your heart in chains Em D Cause someone always lets you down Chorus: A9 Em G Get inside my head D A9 Get inside my head Em G Get inside my head D And light it up again just continue playing the same chords all over the song. that's easy..enjoy!
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