Feist - Sealion tab

so theres no tab for this, so i thought id try it out. hope i did it right.
Unfortunately i couldnt quite get the part at 2:40 . so.. i guess your on your own for that :)

/ = slide up
b = bend

[ 0:51 ] E|--------------------| E|---------------------|B|--------------------| B|---------------------|G|--------------------| [x3] G|---------------------| [x2] D|--------------------| D|---------------------| (back the beg.)A|--/9-/9--7-7-5---5--| A|----5---5------------|E|---------------7----| E|--7---7---7----2-2-2-|
[ 1:58 ]E|--------------------------------- E|-------------------|B|--10----10----10----10----10----- B|----7---7----------|G|-----11----11----11----11----11-- [x3] G|--9---9---9----7---| (x4)D|--------------------------------- D|-------------9-----|(to 1:58)A|--------------------------------- A|-----------------9-|E|--------------------------------- E|-------------------|
E|------------------|B|--11b---11-8------|G|-------------10-8-| (x3) then it goes too 2:40 , which i couldntD|------------------| really figure out.A|------------------|E|------------------|
feel free to make any corrections!
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