Feist – How Come You Never Go There chords

			     How Come You Never Go There - Leslie Feist
Tabbed by: Hannes Knobloch
Email: hk@hasacle.de

Tuning: Standard

Am Dmwhoa whoa whoa oh
Am Fwhoa whoa whoa oh
C FHow come you never go there
C DmHow come I'm so alone there
>>This repeats throughout the whole song.<< whoa whoa whoa oh whoa whoa whoa oh How come you never go there How come I'm so alone there I went up to your window Lightly banging on the cymbals a writ into the night came storming to your house My horse had worked the fields too long And there had lost its innate calm It's true enough for not at peace But peace is never where it seems Our love is not the light it was When I walk inside the dark, I'm calm Where we look for where it went It's only echoes in the melody Chorus Solo We waste time on blame, I wreak revenge We use energy and footjections We're living proof we gotta let go And stop looking through the lay-low We carry on as if the time is through You carry on as if i don't love you And so we find the way to lie To cover hard I have a doubt The room's full eyes are empty Like your letters never sent me Your words are like a lasso You're an instrumental tune Bridge Chorus x2 >>The song ends on Am.<<
She plays this little riff with some variations along the chorus. It's mainly just the singing voice.e|-------------------|---------------------------|B|--8----------------|--8------------------------|G|-----9--7-----7--9-|-----9--7------------------|D|---------10--7-----|---------10--7------7-10-7-|A|-------------------|----------------10---------|E|-------------------|---------------------------|
|-------------------|------------------------||--8----------------|--8---------------------||-----9--7----7--9--|-----9--7----7----7-----| x2|-----------10------|---------10-----10---7--||-------------------|------------------------||-------------------|------------------------|
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