Feist - Caught A Long Wind chords

Dm... (playing notes)
Bb, Gm, Dm, F ...

Gm Dm F Bb Little bird
Gm Dm F Bb have you got a key?
Gm Dm F BbUnlock the lock
Gm Dm F Bb inside of me
F GmWhere will you go?
C Am BbKeep yourself afloat
Gm Dm F BbFeeling old
Gm Dm F Bbuntil the wings
Gm Dm F Bbunfolded
Gm Dm F BbCaught me a long wind
F Gm Where will we go?
C AmKeep ourselves afloat
Bb, Gm, Dm, F 6x
DmI caught a long wind
Gm Bb Gm DmA long life wind
F Bb GmI got to know the sky
Dm F But it didn't know me
Bb Gm DmGot to see the light
F Bb GmAnd land on top of the sea
Dm F Bb GmAnd be the bird, be the key
Dm F Bb GmAnd now the current tells
Dm F Bb GmWhat the wave withheld
Dm F Bb Gm And then the lightning say
Dm F Bb Oh where light will lay
F GmWhere will you go?
C AmKeep yourself afloat
Bb, Gm, Dm, F ...
DmI caught a long wind
GmA long life wind
AmLike a swallow
DmA night owl
GmA little chickadee
AmSad sparrow
DmGood morning bird
GmGood nightingale
AmI took a deep breath
DmAnd caught a long wind
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