Felt - I Didnt Mean To Hurt You chords

i didn’t mean to hurt you

Chords: C-F (or Fmaj7)

C Fmaj7I didn't mean to hurt you,
C Fmaj7 but you gotta understand, I was trying
C Fmaj7to enjoy
to enjoy to enjoy enjoy my self
C Fmaj7It was the first day of the year
C Fmaj7and look what I done with that day
C Fmaj7oh my lord I will pray
C Fmaj7 I will pray
for that day I will pray (Keyboard solo to verse chords)
C Fmaj7 I didn't think about your feelings
C Fmaj7 I just went ahead and done what I wanted
C Fmaj7and I been bad
I been bad I been so bad bad to you oh to you yeah to you *Worked out by none other than Starcat. Questions? Gelfling?-->timjlehmann@gmail.com
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