Fenix Tx - Phoebe Cates tab

Please note - first tab.

Fenix TX
Phoebe Cates
Not on their album, but I heard it on American Pie 2 and thought it was really good, so I decided to try and tab it. Enjoy! 

Lead introE-3-3-3-35-3-3-3-35-3-3-3-35-3-3-2-2--|B--3-3-3----3-3-3----3-3-3----3-3-3-3-|x2
Rhythm intro E-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------5--------------7--|D-5-----5-----2-----7--7--|x2A-5-----3-----2-----7--5--|E-3-----3-----0-----5--5--|
VerseE-----------------|B-----------------|G-----5---------7-|x2D-5---5---2---7-7-|A-5---3---2---7-5-|E-3---3---0---5-5-|Pmx x x x x
ChorusE---------------| |-----------------|B---------------| |-----------------|G-5---7---9-7-5-| |-----5---------7-| With intro leadD-5---7---9-7-5-|x2 |-5---5---2---7-7-|x2 part over theA-3---5---7-5-3-| |-5---3---2---7-5-| top.E-3---5---7-5-3-| |-3---3---0---5-5-|
Then Verse Then Chorus
Then InterludeBass soloA-------------2222-----------------|x2 E-333333333333----0000000000000000-| 2nd time with
D-5555-|A-5555-| on rhythmE-3333-|
Then Lead riffE-3-3-3-3-5-5-2-2--|B--3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|x4
Then RhythmE--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------|x4D-5555-9999-22222222-|A-5555-9999-22222222-|E-3333-7777-00000000-|
Then chorus with 2nd part (“wasting time, going blind”) repeated 4 times. End on G5 I don't think there's any mistakes but if there are, e-mail me at robert.edmans@skateboard.com
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