Fernando Ortega – Our Great God tab

This is basically the same as Version 1 but it is 2 steps lower and easier to play

A               Em          D              A
Eternal God unchanging myseterious and unknown your boundless love
  Em          D                A          F#m            D
unfailing in grace and mercy shown bright seraphim in endless flight
F#m                   D           A                 Em                 D
around your glorious throne they raise their voices day and night in praise
to you alone

      A     Em         D                 A
Hallelu-----jah Glory be to Our great God
      A     Em         D                 A
Hallelu-----jah Glory be to Our great God

A                    Em   D               A                          Em
LORD we are week an frail helpless in the storm surround us with you angels
D               A        F#m                D         F#m              D
hold us in your arms our cold and ruthless enemy his pleasure is our harm
     A              Em           D                      A
rise up oh LORD and he will flee before our sovereign God  (Chorus)

A                  Em             D            A
Let every creature in the sea and every flying bird let every mountain
Em              D             A         F#m                D
every field and valley of the earth let all the moons and all the stars in
F#m           D        A               Em            D                    A
all the universe sing praises to the living God who rules them by his word

Chorus x2
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