Fernando Ortega – Children Of The Living God tab

Children of the Living God 

Chords: E B7 Ax--0-- x-0--- x-----x00--- x0-0-0 x-000-x----- x----- x-----x----- x----- x-----Verse1:EChildren of the living God come and sing sing out loud children of the B7 Eliving God Sing to the Living God
Verse 2: E Sing of the wonders he has made bird in flight falling rain sing of the B7 E wonders he has made sing to the living God Chorus: A E A How he loves us with great love he who sits enthroned above for our lives E B7 E he spilled his blood sent his spirit like a flood Children of the Living B7 E God sing to the living God Verse 3: E Sing of his gentle healing hands how they found the lowliest man sing of B7 E his gentle healing hands sing to the living God Verse 4: E Sing of the mercy that he gives though we sin he forgives sing of the mercy B7 E that he gives sing to the living God (Chorus) Verse 5: (strum chord once) E Sing for the morning when he comes in the clouds glorious son sing for the B7 E morning when he comes sing to the living God (Chorus)
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