Ffh - Follow Love chords

C G/B F (G)Gonna miss this simple town full of memories
C G/B F (G)Gonna miss just hangin' out with all my friends
Am G/B The rainy days and summer nights
Dm FSkippin' stones by the riverside and I know
GIt's time to go
C G/B AmSo, here's goodbye here's so long
G/B CI must go and follow love
G/B Am I feel my heart movin' on
G/B CI must go and follow love
G/B AmCarry on while I'm gone
G/B AmThis is what I've been dreamin' of
D FI'll miss you so, But I must go,
G C Go and follow love
C G/B F (G)Got a heart that's full of dreams, and a little bit of crazy
C G/B F (G)I can feel it pullin' me to somewhere I have never been
Am G/BI'm packin' up and leavin' home
DmTo travel into the great unknown
F GIt's time, I have to go
F F/E DmAnd we're not guaranteed tomorrow
F F/E Dm CSo we must just keep on livin' for today
F F/E DmAnd make the most of every moment,
C G/B (Am)Every step along the way
(repeat chorus)
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