Ffh – Its Still The Cross chords

C Sometimes it seems
Fm7 The world's unraveling around us
F Csus 4 6 (no5) CWe fear it all may one day come undone
Fm7 F We can't forget the One who came before us
Csus 4 6 (no5) F To forgive the past and bring hope for
Cwhat's to come
F AmWhen it all comes crashing down
CThe cross still stands alone
Fm7 FAnd on this our faith is built
Am FAnd our courage is made strong
C When the world falls apart
Fm7And you fear for your heart
AmThere's a tower of peace
G C Cm9 CIt's still the cross
So bring your sick and your poor And your longing for more To the place of relief It's still the cross There is hope for the lost It's still the cross Sometimes it seems that I have been forgotten I don't know how I will make it on my own But the One who said I will never be forsaken He still hears my prayer and I will never be alone When it all comes crashing down The cross still stands alone And on this our faith is built And our courage is made strong
Am GThough the world may not confess
FYou and Your holiness
Am GOne day all will see
Am GYou in all Your majesty
Am Fm7And the cross will stand alone
Cm9 Fm7As the place where You made known
Fm7 AmYour love for all mankind
Fm7 GTill then in it we'll hide
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