Fiction Family – Enough To Prove Me Wrong tab

Fiction Family
Enough to Prove Me Wrong
Fiction Family -- 2009

This is a song I found from a show they did in Colorado.  ItΒ’s not listed as a song for 
up and coming album, but it may be a bonus track??
Anyway, once a better recording of this song comes out I will come back and re-do this 
(if I need to) so it matches the studio version of the song.
Here is the live video of it...

Tuning - Standard (E A D G B E)
*Chords are listed at end of song

IntroGuitar 1 - 3xE|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----0---2---0------0---2---0------2---4---2------2---4---2-|D|-------0--------------0-------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------2---2---2------2---2---2---|E|-3-3-------3----3-3-------3----0--------------0-------------|
Guitar 2 - 2x (Grt. 2 comes in after Grt. 1 has gone 1x)E|-----------------------------------2---3---2------2---3---2-|B|-----3---5---3------3---5---3-------------------------------|G|---4--------------4-----------------------------------------|D|-5-----5---5----5-----5---5---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------2---2---2------2---2---2---|E|-------------------------------0--------------0-------------|
Verse 1 - Same as intro This is the darkest day I've seen I can't find an opening I've never felt this pain in me I've never known this anger Pre-Chorus C Em I feel like a curse C Em I feel like I'm getting worse C I'm bored with war in songs D7(no5) I've been bitter far too long E Asus2 Come on prove me wrong Chorus G#5 B5 E Tell me I'm no longer F#5 G#5 Tell me I'm not crazy C#5 Well maybe just a little bit G#5 E Well maybe just a little bit crazy F#5 Enough to prove me wrong Interlude - Intro 1x (Both guitars) Verse 2 - Same as Intro I know there's something in my head I can hear you insulting me Thanks for nothing, imagined friends I can hear you laughing Pre-Chorus Chorus Interlude 2 Guitar 1 - Intro 2x Guitar 2 - Solo NOTE: I would have to hear a better recording to be able to tab it out. Bridge C Em I feel like a bomb C Em Like I'm screwing up my song C It's like I don't belong Asus2 No point in going on B5 E Yeah, come on prove me wrong Chorus 2 F#5 G#5 Tell me I'm not crazy C#5 Well maybe just a little bit G#5 E Well maybe just a little bit crazy F#5 B5 Enough to prove me wrong
*Chords Used C Em D7(no5) E Asus2 G#5 F#5 C#5E|----0------------0--------------------------|B|-1--0----3-------0----0---------0-----------|G|-0--0----5-------1----2---------4---------6-|D|-2--2----4-------2----2-----6---4----4----6-|A|-3--2----5-------2----0-----6---2----4----4-|E|----0------------0----------4--------2------|
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