Fiction Family – Elements Combined tab

Fiction Family
Elements Combined
Fiction Family -- 2009

Tuning - Standard (E A D G B E)
*Chords are listed at end of song

Intro - (Piano)e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------5-4h5-2--OR-----13-12h13-10--|G|---8--5--4--2---8--5--5--------------12--------------|D|--10--7--5--3--10--7---------------------------------|A|--10--7--5--3--10--7---------------------------------|E|---8--5--3--1---8--5---------------------------------|
Verse 1 Fadd9 Gsus4 To the girl I told to run away Fadd9 Gsus4 The ghost I saw a hundred times a day Fadd9 Am7 You weren't like me no you weren't afraid Chorus Gsus4 Fadd9 C Gsus4 You are e-----le----ments combined Gsus4 Fadd9 C Gsus4 Earth, air, fire, wine Am7 Fadd9 Gsus4 Someday you'll be mine Post-Chorus Fadd9 Elements combined Interlude Guitar C5 Am G F - 2x
Verse 2 - Same as Verse 1 You stuck around, but we didn't fly Weighed down by all I hid behind my eyes I only hope that you realize Bridge Asus2 I'll bury all excuses Burn all the reasons why D I cant be everything you want And everything you need Post-Bridge C5 Am G F You're elements combined C5 Am G F You're elements combined C5 Am G F You're elements combined C5 Am G F Verse 3 - Same as Verse 1 & 2 We talk a lot but it's always small Tiny bricks that make a giant wall I hope these words are a wrecking ball Chorus - 2x
*Chords Used C5 Am G F C Fadd9 Gsus4 Am7 D Asus2e|----------------3----3------3-----3---2----0--|B|----------------1----1------1-----1---3----0--|G|---8--5---4--2--0----2------0-----0---2----2--|D|--10--7---5--3--2----3------0-----2---0----2--|A|--10--7---5--3--3-----------2-----0--------0--|E|---8--5---3--1--------------3-----------------|
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