Fightstar – Hazy Eyes Acoustic tab

Hey, not sure of the lyrics and have only heard after the first chorus but here goes.
Capo on 2nd, but I play on third so I can sing it...chords and single notes RELATIVE
TO CAPO.  W/o capo should be played two frets down.

e[---------------------------------------------]B[---------------------------------------------]G[-5--5---7let ring----------------------------]D[---------------------------------------------]A[---------------------------------------------]E[---------------------------------------------]
I *think* these are the lyrics ;). Pick up then down until you get to the I don't need you part. The strumming you can figure out. C (play as bar here) F Slag me off for this time (I won't wait, I won't wait) C F Pull me back but I'm fine (I won't fall down) Am F I wish I knew where I came from Am F I wish I knew where I've been C Am I don't F Need you C Am I don't F Need You C Am The lights are going down Am/G G Look at us we're fading out F It's been good to have you C Am The look across your face (pause) G Distorted, crushed, and hazy eyed F Go fuck your white lies D F Just look away, oh yea [CCCC- (high E-3-1-0-)]x2 D F And I'll be there (You'll find) CCCCC CCCCC CCCCC CCCCC DDDDD/Em/F RIFF x2, without last three notes. Thanks! Email's if you want to give me any corrections/comments. A go join the Fightstar boards at! That place is like home away from home, from the comfort of my own home!
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