Filmmaker - Dont Speak She Said tab

this is my first tab ever... feel free to discriminate.  this is only the intro and
verses, i haven't got the chorus, solo, or bridge yet. anywho, here goes nothin. i'll
just tab the whole song as it's played until the forst chorus and you can go on your
own from there.

E---------------------------|B-4---4---2---1---4---4-----|G---1---1---1---1---1---1---|D---------------------------| Repeat 6xA---------------------------|E---------------------------|
E----------------------|B-444444444444-22-11---|G-111111111111-11-11---|D----------------------| Repeat 4xA----------------------|E----------------------|
E---4-----4-----4-----4-----------|B-----4-----4-----4-----4-22-11---|G-1-----1-----1-----1-----11-11---|D---------------------------------| Repeat 2xA---------------------------------|E---------------------------------|
E----------------------|B-444444444444-22-11---|G-111111111111-11-11---|D----------------------| Repeat 2xA----------------------|E----------------------|
Thats about it. Like I said, I don't know the chorus or other stuff yet, and in the next verse, the same parts repeat, not necessarily the same order... I'm sure you'll figure it out. This is a great Filmmaker song and enjoy :)
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