Filter - I Will Lead You tab

Music by Filter
        "I will lead you"

-B- Drop D tuning 
-D-            Well, the whole point of this is that it's suposed to be 
                tabed by ear. And I don't have "Guitar pro" softwar so I
               wasn't able to check the other versions of the tabs for
                this song. But..never the less, I've been playing this
                song like this for years.

   intro riff

Riff 1
The bass pretty much has the floor though the verses. pre-chorus: Riff 2
This is the chorus these are the chords I'll let you put your own Riff 3 struming pattern on it...It's easier that way.
|-------------||-3-----------|o|-2-------10--||-0-------10--| That get's played 3x|-0-------8---|o|-0-------8---|
|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------10----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----10----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----8-----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----8-----| 16x
After the Chorus jump right into "Riff 1". After that it's back to the ole' bass with the floor again for the verse. Then to the pre- chorus, "Riff 2" as we so call it. And once again, also for the last time, the chorus riff...yes "Riff 3". After that It's pretty much some vocals, drums, some bass and a few effects thrown in here and there from the guitars. I just usually wait about eight measures and I throw in a little "intro riff" for a few measures untill the breakdown. Here goes the "see you face to face" part. Once again, I'll give you the give it the flair.
|---------||-3-------|o|-2---10--| |-0---10--||-0---8---|o|-0---8---|
|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------10----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----10----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----8-----||-0-0-3-5-0--0-3-5-0--0-----8-----| 16x
Last riff is riff 1 And that is the end. If this sounds good to you let me know.
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