Finch – New Beginnings chords

New Beginnings
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Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A     x02220
C#m   x46654
E     022100
F#m   244222

Intro: A  C#m   x4

Verse 1:
E Hand me downs and photographs
C#mspread across the floor
Ea broken record spins in circles
C#mshe can't listen anymore
Eshe's turned around a thousand times
C#mshe set that bridge a fire
A C#mBut did you wanna listen
A C#myou took the world with you
Aso what is left
C#m A C#mso what is left for me
Verse 2:
EI called you on the phone again
C#mjust the other day
Eit sounds to me you
found your place
C#mand everything is great
(Repeat Chorus twice) Bridge:
F#m AI try!!!
Eso hard to figure out
F#m AWhy!!!
Eno explanation
keeps me waiting
F#m ALet's try!!!
Ebecause i know
you won't forget
F#mI Know!!!
even if the
A E story is over
Right now!!! its over Right now!!! its over (Repeat Chorus silently) (Repeat Chorus in distortion twice) Outro:
A C#m(hold)I try!!!
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