Finding Favour – Love Stepped In chords

Love Stepped In
Finding Favour

Verse 1
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus He was Preaching down at the Third and main as I was passing By.
Fsus2 C5 GsusHe was Talking kinda crazy, Warning us about the End of time.
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus Then Out from the Crowd I Asked him how God could love a mess like Me.
Dm7 GsusSon, Im a Preacher now, but that aint who I used to be.
Fsus2 C5 Gsus Am7 He said / Youll never know / youll never know / just how far love has
C/Ebrought me.
Fsus2 C5 Gsus/ Youll never know / who I used to be.
Fsus2 C5 Gsus Am7 C/E/ Cause Ive been around / Ive been down / to the bottom of Hell and Back again.
Fsus2 C5 Gsus2 (no chord)/ I was almost out / I was at my end Then Love stepped in
Verse 2
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus Well she Worked downtown at a Halfway house Almost every Day.
Fsus2 C5 GsusAnd all the Love she has / she just Gives away.
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus So I Asked her why she Spends so much time with the Broken and the Poor.
Dm7 GsusShe just Smiled at me and said, Im not who I Was before.
(Back to Chorus) Verse 3
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus I look back sometimes at where Ive been and just how far I’ve come
Fsus2 C5 GsusSince the day that preacher told me about an amazing love.
Fsus2 C5 Am7 Gsus I was lost and alone when the lights came on and hope set my heart free.
Dm7 GsusIn my darkest hour, Grace took a hold of me.
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