Finding Westerly - Sounds Of A Broken Heart tab

Guitars tuned half step down
2 parts – second part easy soloing stuff to figure out
main part is-

Chorus (Too blind to know…)e--0--0--0--0|-0--------|B--0--2--4--2|-2--------|G--2--4--6--4|-4--------|D--2--4--6--4|-4--------|A--0--0--0--0|-0--------|E--0--0--0--0|-0--------|(end on the 0-2-4-4-0-0-| before you go back into the verse)
Bridge (why can’t you see…)e--0--0-|B--2--4-|G--4--6-|D--4--6-|A--0--0-|E--0--0-|
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