Finger Eleven – Thousand Mile Wish tab

This is a correction of my earlier tab, made a large mistake on naming, leaving many of 
chords five half steps off. LOOK AT MY DIAGRAMS, they're still not named quite right.

Standard Tuning
Db* 4476XX
Db  4466XX
B   2244XX
B*  2224XX
D   5577XX
E   779900
Db^ X446XX
B^  X224XX

   Db*              Db                     B
Forgive me if now I wear the face of worry
            B*                        Db*
This time alone could never cause any doubt
    Db                 B
But I’ve been cold too long
       B*                                            Db*
Such a strange time to find myself coming down as the rain
     Db               B
With all the holes my love,
           B*                Db*
To fill me up from the middle
     Db                   B     B*
This storm could stay all night

                         D         E
So can you stay until we close our eyes
          D           E
Till your dreams hold mine
     D             E             Db*
Just stay until we know we tried one more time

      Db*                 Db                      B  B*
Cause laughing lovers can overcome their closest demons
                 Db*            Db            B
And then they’ll go on and they won’t let go
   B*                               Db*
Oh no! they saw something that they know
    Db            B     B*
Has never come so close

                     D       E
Can it stay until we know ourselves?
    D         E
I’m torn as I tell
                        D             E
You’re the story that I know and fell from
           D                 E
I’m so far into your story I don’t
     Db D     Db    D           Db  D
Know why-- we think we’re in control
     Db     D           Db hold                     B
When we lie between the lines, we’ll find a line to follow

It’s got to show real soon
Or we’ll never reach this high

We climb a little further
              Db                    B               B*
Cause there’s nothing we can’t get around together

So we stay until the ground
        E          D                E
That we can’t come down from splits us away
                 D      E
Maybe stars know why we fall
       D                           E
I just wish they were thinking out loud

  Db D    Db      D        Db   D
Oh I,  oh I could wish all night
   Db      D        Db   D
Oh I could wish all night
   Db      D        Db   D
Oh I could wish all night
   Db      D        Db
Oh I could wish all night
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