Finger Eleven - Glimpse tab

Glimpse - Finger Eleven

Tuning: Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb

Opening (A)

Eb---------------------(fill)---------------|Bb--------------------- -10------------|bend&returnGb--------------------- ---------------|Db-9-99--8-8-8--------- ---------------|Ab-7-77--8-8-8--------- ---------------|Db-------8-8-8--------- ---------------|
Pre-Chorus (B) Verse Fill(C) Chorus (D)
Eb--------- Eb-6---6---- Eb------------|Bb--------- Bb-5---5-5-- Bb-----------|Gb-5-7-9-12 Gb---3---3-3 Gb------------|Db--------- Db---3-----3 Db-2-12-5-10--|Ab-3-5-7-10 Ab---------- Ab-2-12-5-10--|Db--------- Db---------- Db-2-12-5-10--|
Interlude (Down I Go) (E)
Like I said, I know it's not the greatest, but it should be enough to work with... I'm doing this from my head, I don't have my guitar here with my while I'm typing this out... I hope the verse fill is right.
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