Finkelstiens - Find Its You tab

The Finkelstiens - Find it's you
Album: The dawning of a new error
Tabbed by frikkie jacobs

The finkelstiens are a pop-rock band from south africa. 
they are very popular here and thier songs rock. 
Check them out at

(Play everything with power chords)


Singing with drums followed by:

B  D#  G#  F#  (x4)

Verse: (Why was it so...)

Mostly bass, but at the end of eack line:

F#  B  (x2)

Bridge: (Oh its true, oh yeah...)
(palm muted)

E  F#   (x4)

Chorus: (I call it quits but you...)

B  D#  G#  F#   (x4)
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