Finn – Niwhai tab

Niwhai - Finn

(Tab by Rodney Macfarlane)Intro Riff:e---------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------|A---4--4----4--4----4--4---4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--|E---2--0----2--0----2--0---2-2-0-2-2-0-2-0-0--|
[F#] Niwai [E] she's so [D]fly [F#] making it [E] happen [D] [F#] Niwhai [E] be my [D] witness [D#] five satel- [D] -lites in just one night [F#] Niwhai pacific sister her fathers son she was something precious and we all love what she's become strange attractor something wicked paint her golden buddha you're blinding flash across the sky [C# D C# D C# A] Niwahi sequinned slipper fly by radiating light grant her secret wishes five satellites in just one night Solo (with intro riff) Niwahi she's so fly making it happen grant her secret wishes five sattelites in just one night Chords: F# 244322 D x57775 E x79997 C# x46664 A x02220 ______________________________ Only talking sense - Finn (Tab by Rodney Macfarlane) (I know i haven't done a very good job as i couldn't be bothered working out exactly what he plays but it should give you some idea - i'm pretty sure the chords are right though) Tuning: DAdGBe (For the riffs i've really only given the essence of what they are as Neil vairies it constantly - if you base you're own improvisation around the chords and what i've tabbed you should have something which shounds okay.) >Riff I:
Bmsus2 G De--------------------------------------------------------|B--------2-----------------------------------------------|G------4---4----------0-2p0------------------------------|d----4--------------0----------0-4p0-0----0---0-0-2------|A--2-----------------------------------(0)--4------------|D---------------4h5--------------------------------------|
Bmsus2 G De--------------------------------------------------------|B----------2---------------0-----------------------------|G--------4---4---------0h2------2-----2------------------|d------4-------------0------------0-----0---4---5---4----|A--0h2------------------------------0-----0---0---0---0--|D----------------4h5---------------(0)---(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-|
play riff during verse with improvisation especially on the D chord Verse I: there's a wild thing in the wool shed and its keeping me awake at night a devil in the closet and a feeling i'd prefer to hide he religion he won't hear me when i cry for help he has a vision of me but i am somebody else Chorus: we [Bm] talk the pillow there are [G] times when i'm tied up to the [F#m] fence and i'm only talking sense [play riff I] Verse II: >Riff II (essentially riff I with an extra A on the end):
Bmsus2 G D Ae--------------------------------------------------------|B--------2-----------------------------------------------|G------4---4----------0-2p0------------------------2-4s6-|d----4--------------0----------0-4p0-0----0------2-------|A--2-----------------------------------(0)-----0---------|D---------------4h5--------------------------------------|
there's a mirror lake before me but i'm frozen when its time to jump it's like maybe i'm afraid of what i'll find when independance comes you steel my shadow you make my blood run dry Chorus II: we are [D] true only when we [Bm] talk the pillow there are [G] times when i'm tied up to the [F#m] fence only talking sence [play riff II] and i'm only talking sense [play riff I] Verse III (with Riff II): did you suffer as a child that's why you want to make me cry you are afraid of me that's why you're so unkind Chorus III [D] you [Bm] won't deny it when you're [G] child is tied up to the [F#m] fence and i'm only talking [D] sense lonely when we [Bm] talk the pillow and your [G] child is messed up in the [F#m] head i'm only talking sense [Bm] Chords: D 000232 Bm x24432 Bmsus2 x24422 G 5x000x or 55500x or some combination of these F#m 4442xx A x02220
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