Fiona Apple – After Youve Gone tab

After You've Gone – Fiona Apple
(Henry Creamer & Turner Layton) tab by metonymo based on Fiona Apple’s
live version (see youtube)
(which has much in common with Bessie Smith’s version)

Posted some variations for the chords. Apple’s guitarist uses many barre
chords, here are also open chords to make it easy; also, chords like D9
can be replaced by D7. Some of the embellishments, like b), f) and g) is
also veeerrry easy.

C      x32010/x35553/
C/g    332010
C7     X32310/X35353
F#7    242322
D7     xx0212/x57775
D7/f#  2x0212
D9     x5455x/x54555
G7     320001/353433
G13    xx3455/3x3455
E7     020100/022130/x79797
A7     x02020/575655
F      133211
Fm     133111/x.
Dm     xx0231/x57765
Cdim   xx1212/xx4545/

(Stars * and letters a, b, c, etc. shows embellishments in tab)

Intro C  .G7 F#7 G7

C(/g)           .D9      G7  *                          (a)
Now listen honey while I say
C                                .D7     G7  *          (b)
How could you tell me that you're going away
E7            .Am  E7  Am *                             (c)
Don't say that we must part
D7            .G7 D7  G7   *                            (d)
Don't break my aching heart

C                               .D7    G7  *            (d)
You know I've loved you true for many years
C(7)                  .F  *                             (e)
Loved you night and day
F             Fm                 .C
How could you leave me, can't you see my tears
    D7     G7     .C    (C7) *                          (f)
Now listen while I say

   F                .Fm
   After you've gone, and left me cryin'
   C                *.A7                                (g)
   After you've gone,   there's no denyin'
   D9           .G7            *                        (d)
   You feel blue, you feel sad
   C/g   -    -    -   .C        C7
   You miss the bestest pal you ever had
      F                   .Fm
      There'll come a time, now don't forget it
      C                   *.A7                          (g)
      There'll come a time,   when you'll regret it
      Dm  A7  .Dm           Fm                          (h)
      Someday when you grow lonely
      C               E7                 .Am             Cdim
      Your heart will break like mine and you'll want me only
      C                .G7                .C      C7
      After you've gone, after you've gone away

   After you've gone, after the break up
   After you've gone, you are gonna wake up
   And you will find that you were blind
   To let somebody come and change your mind

      After the years that we've been together
      The joy and all the tears, in all types of weather
      Someday when you're down-hearted
      You'll long to be with me right back where we started
      After you've gone, after you've gone away

      Oh babe think what you're doin'
      You know my love for you will drive me to ruin
      After you've gone, after you've gone away


a) b) D9 G13 G7 G7 E7------------5---3---- --1-----------0--|----5-------5---3---- --0-----------3--|----5-------4---4---- --0-----------1--|----4-------3---3---- --0-----------2--|----5-----------5---- --2--2--1--0--2--|-----------(3)--3---- --3-----------0--|while i say
c) d) Am E Am D7(f#) G7 C--5----4----0----------2------- --1-----------0--|--5----5----1----------1------- --0-----------1--|--5----4----2----------2------- --0-----------0--|-(5)--(6)---2----------0------- --0-----------2--|-(0)--------0------------------ --2--2--0-----3--|----------------4-3-2-(2)------ --3--------3-----| we must part
e)First strum down F, then pick (3321),strum up (11), and strum down f) F C F-------1---------------1----------------- --0-----------------1----|-------1-----------1---1---1------------- --1-----------------1----|-------2----------2--------2------------- --0-----------------2----|-------3---------3---------3------------- --2-----------------3----|-------3--------3----------3------------- --3-----3-2---1-0---3----|-------1--------------------------------- --------------------1----|and day How could…
g) C A7--0------------0--|--1------------2--|--0------------0--|--2------------2--|--3--3-2--1-0--0--|------------------|
h) The last part, were the melody usualy goes higher, from “Someday when you grow lonely”, can be played at an higher octave using barre chords:
Dm A7 Dm Fm C E7 Am Cdim C G7 C C7---5---5---5---8---8---7---5---8----8-----------3---3---3---|---6---5---6---9---8---9---5---10---8-----------3---5---5---|---7---6---7---10--9---7---5---8----9-----------4---5---3---|---7---5---7---10--10--9---7---10---10----------3---5---5---|---5---7---5---8---10--7---7---9----10----------5---3---3---|-------5-----------8-------5---8----8---7-6-5---3-----------|
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