Fiona Apple – Red Red Red chords

Title: Red Red Red
Artist: Fiona Apple
Album: Extraordinary Machine (2005)

D/F#  [2X0232]
Dm9   [1X0210]
D     [XX0232] OR [X57775] 
Bm    [X24432]
Bb    [X13331] OR [688766]
A     [X02220]
G     [355433] 
F     [133211]
E     [022100]
C     [X35553] OR [81010988]

D/F# Dm9 D/F# I don't understand about complementary colors
Dm9And what they say
D/F# Dm9 Side by side they both get bright
D/F# Dm9Together they both get gray
D Bm But he's been pretty much yellow
D BmAnd I've been kinda blue
BbBut all I can see is
A G F#sus4Red, red, red, red, red now
F D/F# Dm9 D/F# Dm9 What am I gonna do
[SAME CHORDS] I don't understand about Diamonds and why men buy them What's so impressive about a diamond Except the mining And it's dangerous work Trying to get to you too And I think if I didn't have to Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill myself doing it Maybe I wouldn't think so much of you
Bb C D Bb C I've been watching all the time
D Bb And I still can't find the tack
C D And I wanna know is, is it okay Is it just fine
F(hold) Or is it my fault
E(hold) Is it my lack
D/F# Dm9 D/F# Dm9 [SAME CHORDS AS VERSE 1] I don't understand about The weather outside Or the harmony in a tune Or why somebody lied There's solace a bit for submitting To the fitfully cryptically true What's happened has happened What's coming is already on its way With a role for me to play I don't understand I'll never understand But I'll try to understand There's nothing else I can do
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