Fionn Regan - Black Water Child chords

Thought it was about time someone got this song out on the internet.

Cappo 5

C Em FDown here underneath the microscope,
Cit's hard to cope.
don't hide your face in your hands,
Em F'cause if your eyes play tricks,
C Fit's outta my control.
G C Fit's gonna be a long cold winter.
G Cthe skeletons of trees, my blackwater child
if you don't love me, well, don't shove me out into the dark without a flashlight or a spark. any stitches cling like bitches to my arms for all my charms. it's gonna be a crooked little winter the skeletons of trees, my blackwater child C F
G Emshe's walking home
Fto the devil's flowers.
G Emthe broken bones
Fof heavy hours.
G Emwe stayed out late,
Fit's a lighthouse trait.
G Em F F C Cand we'll take our time Time
You can figure the little picking bits out for yourself, there not hard just played around the Chord
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