Fionn Regan – The Bunkhouse chords

Capo 5th fret

Intro: Am C F C E7

AmPut the chair against the handle
Cin the window light a candle
F Cwhen you're smoking up
E7the chimney slowly
AmThe wind it blew the slates off
Cyour prayers float through the foxglove
F Cgrip the iron
E7bed post quickly
AmWe watched them carry the coffin
Cfrom the house down to the river
Fthey recited
Ccome away
E7from the well
AmAt the gathering the whole room it fell silent
Cit heckled and grew violent
FI stood at your back
Cdeep breath
AmYou're a business man
wrapped in a caftan
Cit's all you'll ever be
Fgo count your money
C E7I'm a painter, you're a framer
F EmWear a warm coat
F EmIt gets cold out there
AmOut at the bunkhouse
Am C F E7Prayers float through the foxglove
Am C F E7Prayers float through the foxglove
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