Fireflight – All I Need To Be chords

All i need to be - Fireflight
Tabbed originally by my bro, polished and worded by me :)


Verse 1
DmHoping with each new day
Dsus/CI'm moving forward, I push the fear away
Dsus/BbAnd I let go
F Em'Cause I'm so through with barely hanging on
DmLeaving what's in the past behind
Dsus/CI come closer to crossing over the line
Dsus/BbAnd I won't stop
F EmUntil I get what I've been fighting for
Bb Eb CYou've said it all before
Dm FTell me again that I am strong
CTell me again that I won't fall
BbI need You here to fix me where I'm wrong
Dm FTake me beyond what I can see
CBreak me, make me believe
BbYou have made me all I need to be
Verse 2
Dm Dsus/C Knowing all that I can do is be open when You start to move
Dsus/BbIn my heart
F EmAnd now my God, I finally hear Your voice
Bb Eb CYou've said it all before
Repeat Chorus Bridge Bb
F Em BbWho I am is all I've got
F Em BbAnd I can't be who I am not anymore
Chorus (I am strong, make me believe) You have made me all I need to be (I am strong, make me believe, make me believe) Finish on Dm
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