Fireflight – Its You chords

Fireflight – It's You
Tune ½ step down (Eb)

(Verse 1)
E5 I wish that I could break all the
D5mirrors in my mind
B5 The ones that lie to me and
C5steal away my pride
E5 I wish I could be blind to
D5everything that haunts me
B5 If I use my heart I can
C5see your face
B5 C5You show me the real me
EmIt's You that I search for
G DIt is You I can't live without
C2 DYour hope is what I long for
Em G5 – F#m When nothing's left in me
C5 D5(It's You)
(Verse 2)
E5 This world is always trying to
D5take a piece of me
B5 But You are always there to
C5make me feel complete
E5 If I can keep my eyes on
D5what You have for me
B5 I will face the truth and
C5never look away
B5 C5You'll show me the real me
(Chorus) (Bridge)
EmAnd it’s You
Em GWhen I have nowhere else to go
DAnd I can't find my way out
C2 (Can't find my way)
Em Your light it comes to guide me
G(You will guide me)…I can't hide
B CYou show me the real me
(Chorus) [Quiet] (Chorus) (Outro)
Em Em G5 – F#m – G5 Em It's You
Em Em G5 – F#m – G5 Em/G
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