Firehouse – Love Of A Lifetime tab

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Love of a lifetime
Artist: Firehouse
Chords by: Allan L. Palad
Address:  Poblacion, Floridablanca, Pampanga
Cell No.: 09192637420
Landline: (045)-4234028


G - F#/D - Em - D9 - Am - Bm - C - D-Dsus-D-D9-D

(First Stanza)

G                      F#/D           Em   D9
I guess the time was right for us to say
   Am                 Bm              C            D-Dsus-D-D9-D
We take our time and live our lives together day by day
G                   F#/D            Em   D9
We make a wish and send it on a prayer
   Am                   Bm               C           D-Dsus-D-D9-D
We know our dreams can all come true If love we can share

Am                Bm      C                     Bm
You would never wonder, knew you'd be there for me
Am                Bm                  C           D-Dsus-D-D9-D
Coz' yould never wonder, you're the right one for me

Chorus: (Distorted Power chord)
G                     Bm        C      D
I finally found the love of a lifetime
G                  Bm           C    D
A love to last my whole life through
G                    Bm          C   D
I finally found the love of a lifetime
A               Bm               C                     G
Forever in my heart, I finally found the love of a lifetime

Adlib: (Gawin lang yung chord sa chorus)

(Second Stanza)
G                    F#/D               Em  D9
With every kiss our love is like brand new
     Am            Bm               C              D9-D
And every stars up in the sky was made for me and you
G                   F#/D             Em    D9
Still we both know that the road is long
    Am                Bm
We know that we will be together
 C                    D-Dsus-D-D9-D
Because our love is strong

(Repeat Chorus)
(Adlib Chords pa rin ng chorus ha)
(Repeat Chorus Kaya lang ung Chords nya tataas ng 2Fret Bale ung G magiging A na)

(Kayo lang bahala magayos sana naka tulong ako kahit papano)

Heto pala yung fingerings

G F#/D Em D9 Am Bm C Dsus De----3-----2---------------------------2----------------3----2---|c----3-----3-------------3-------1-----3-------1--------3----3---|b----------2-------------2-------2-----4----------------2----2---|d------------------1-------------2-----4-------2-----------------|a----2-------------1-------------------2-------3-----------------|e----3-----2-----------------------------------------------------|
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