First Aid Kit – Sailor Song chords

First Aid Kit

D G With the first light and the little
A DFragile moon
D G I was out on the porch now
A DI'm ready for doom
G A DAnd it's funny how it all came to be
G A DThe way you so plainly chose to stare at me
D G And the afternoon embraces you
A DLike a million worried hands
D GAnd I want to look forward
A DGo discover foreign land
G AIn the mirror I was balancing
DOn tiny strings
G AIt looks silly but oh really it's just
DA physical thing
D GSo tell me why you ask me
A DTo do as I please
D GI would rather fall backwards
A DAnd forget everything
G AAnd I've tried to call on you when
DI know you're not home
G AI'm not ready for this but it's
DThe way it goes
G A D x2
D GIt was easier when I knew
A DNnothing of what I'd missed
D G You're so happy I can see it and that's
A DThe worst part of it
G ASo let her take you out
DOn sea
G AI will wave to you from the harbor
DOh little silly me
Em AThe sailors leave in the morning
Dm AI'll be waiting for you all night
Em AThe ship sets off in the morning
Em AI'll be waiting for you all right
A EmOh night
A EmOh night
A EmOh night
AOh night
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