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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 09:37:29 +0100
From: Tilman Heckel 
Subject: CRD: f/fischer_z/the_writer

The Writer (Fischer Z)

Album: Red Skies Over Paradise

Dm C G A

Dm        C           G     A
The other side of the room
Dm       C           G      A
an empty bottle lies broken
Dm     C         G     A
Purple faces are sure,
Dm            C         G        A
of snow white sheets to soak in

His clothes are spread around,
they smell of perspiration
A half eaten meal
attracts the flies attention

Do I Do I Do I Do I Hear the man's cries
Do I Do I Do I Do I Look in his eyes
Do I Do I Do I Do I Care if he dies
Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I?

Dm           C                  G        A
Take a paper towel and place it over his head
Dm         C              G          A
Phone up reception and report him as dead
Dm          C             G          A
Open up the window and expose him to light
Dm          C                A                Dm      C G
Push it all away from me ... No that can't be right ...
A       Dm      C   G  A
Ri High hight ...

A continental breeze
has set the blinds in motion
Brings just a hint of change
from the Atlantic Ocean

The ancient church bell rings.
Defies the march of progress
The senoritas said
you were too young to notice

Do I Do I Do I Do I ...

Take a paper towel...
Transcript by Tilman Heckel 
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