Fishbone – Ma And Pa tab


Excellent song, only has like four chords. If you're not familiar with funk/ska chords,
these ones are basically barre chords, but missing off the lowest couple of strings:

Bbm Ebm Ab DbE--6---6---4---4--B--6---7---4---6--G--6---8---5---6--D--8---8---6---6--A-----------------E-----------------
No guarantees this is right, but it sounds pretty coolass. INTRO: (strum these out) Bbm Ebm Ab Db (ska rhythm now) Bbm Ebm Ab Db (x3) ....... Ab Bbm VERSE: Ab Db (x4) Bbm Ebm (x4) CHORUS: Bbm Ebm Ab Db (x2) (skip this part the first time) Bbm Ebm Ab Bbm Ab Bbm FILL: (strum these out) Bbm Ebm Ab Db ENDING: (strum) Bbm (x a bunch of times) enjoy! FISHBONE -sam thursfield (
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