Five Americans - Tell Ann I Love Her tab

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Five Americans - "Tell Ann I Love Her" (Rabon - Ezell - Durrill)

Intro (acoustic guitar, 2X):

	A          Dsus2 [xx0230]
	/ / / / / /  / / / / / /

Verse 1:

	 A    D             A   D
	Starlight shine on her
	(D)         A          E   [instrumental, 3: E+]
	Carry this message for me
	 D   C#m    A         D
	Tell her I made a mistake
	      A     D           A
	Tell Ann I love her for me

	[1, 2: Dsus2  instrumental: to bridge  3: end cold]

Verse 2:

	Shine deep into her eyes
	Please make her think of me
	Tell her I miss her so
	Tell Ann I love her for me

[instrumental over verse chords]


	D         C#m 
	I never thought
	 A           D
	I'd miss her so
	(D)       C#m
	I'm sorry now
	F#m            E   E+
	More than you know

Verse 3:

	Oh, wind, hear my plea
	Carry this message for me
	Softly sigh in her ear
	Tell Ann I love her for me [end cold]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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