Five For Fighting – Its Not Easy chords

Strumming pattern is DDUUD
Should be very easy for beginners!

Verse 1: 

C GI can't stand to fly,
Am EmI'm not that naive.
F DmI'm just out to find,
Gthe better part of me.
CI'm more than a bird,
Gmore than a plane,
Am F Cmore than some pretty face,
beside a train.
Am G CAnd it's not easy, to be me.
Verse 2:
C GI wish that I could cry,
Am Emfall upon my knees,
F Cfind a way to lie,
Dm Gabout a home I'll never see.
FMay sound absurd,
Cbut don't be naive,
Am Em Geven heroes have the right to bleed,
CI may be disturbed,
Ambut won't you concede,
F C even heroes have the right to dream,
Am G Cit's not easy, to be me.
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