Five For Fighting – All I Know chords ver. 2

hello, This chords was transcribed by ear.
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Intro: A D Bm E A D Bm E A DMaj7 E F#m E

A DI bruise you
Bm E AYou bruise me
A D Bm E AWe both bruise so easily
Bm DToo easily
BmTo let it show
F#m EI love you
D E AAnd that's all I know
A D Bm E AAnd all my plans keep falling through
A D Bm E AAll my plans they depend on you
Bm DDepend on you
BmTo help them grow
F#m EI love you
D E F#mAnd that's all I know
D When the singers gone
E ALet the song go on
D E AThere's a fine line between
Bm F#mThe darkness and the dawn
D AThey say in the darkest night
EThere's a light beyond
A D Bm E AAnd the ending always comes at last
A D Bm E AEndings always come too fast
Bm DThey come too fast
BmAnd they pass too slow
F#m EI love you
C#And that's all...
F#m E D A That's really all I know...
Bm F#mThat's all I know
D E AThat's all...I know...
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