Five For Fighting - Last Great American tab

ok ive been looking for this song and ive got a few parts down on it and i realized how 
it was. you finger pick the entire song so enjoy. its not exactly right  but its the 
on this website :)

capo 1st fret

verse 1Mr. Merry cries in his coffinFor days he says he can rememberAnd through the town the pallbearers sing old songsOf a beautiful purple mountainl---x---x---x---x---x----|ll---3---3---3---3---3----|ll---0---0---0---0---0----|ll---0---0---0---0---2----|ll---2---0---2---x---3----|ll---3---2---0---x---x----|l
From every walk of life we've come to see the Last Great Americanl---3---3---3----|ll---3---3---3----|ll---0---2---0----|ll---2---0---2----|ll---2---0---3----|ll---0---2---0----|l
verse 2 May I now present you the speaker, "Friends he was a man of men, a man of gold: He had a how do you say, ethical like sense" That's when the Prezident started to giggle (same as first verse)
And the children gave the blessingThough the service weren't half doneEach of them sued the other oneFor the Last great Americanl---3---3---3----|ll---3---3---3----|ll---0---2---0----|ll---2---0---2----|ll---2---0---3----|ll---0---2---0----|l
verse 3 Merry reaches up, we bow our heads He pulls the lid on down and his stone is read Here lies our Merry The man with the heart so spent That in this day and age Is sick of living (same as first verse)
And judges argue lettersFabric comes undoneFor every daughter every sonOf the Last great American:l---3---3---3----|ll---3---3---3----|ll---0---2---0----|ll---2---0---2----|ll---2---0---3----|ll---0---2---0----|l
For every daughter every son Of the Last great American:
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