Five Horse Johnson - Of Ditch Diggers And Drowning Men tab

This is by far the best song off of their "Mystery Spot" album, I find it a crime that 
has yet to be tabbed.

Tuning - Open G (DGDGBD)

You'll need a slide for this one

Chorus (repeat 8x)/5-----\3-----\0---------------|/5-----\3-----\0---------------|/5-----\3-----\0---------------|/5-----\3-----\0---------------|/5-----\3-----\0---------------|/5-----\3-----\0---------------|
"What's the use in askin'" part/3-----/5-------|/3-----/5-------|/3-----/5-------|/3-----/5-------|/3-----/5-------|/3-----/5-------|
There you go, it's that easy, as for the solo c'mon it's a blues song, just improv like good blues musician enjoy...
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