Five Iron Frenzy – Spartan tab

Here it is guys, keep in mind the changes here wonย’t be the same as the track, but this 
cool if you want to play it slower and acoustically. If you can reach those high notes 


Bm     C#m            D		Em
Billie Holiday on the radio
            F#m              G               A        Bm
My sluggish heart is beating seven beats too slow
Bm         C#m           D			Em
   Another sad song and another shot of blue
	 F#m             G            A
Cold and unconcerned are anything but new


         G                A
He said "Love endures all things"
       D		   F#m
And it hurts to think He's right
     G                Bm
If I mark the span of failure
Is his burden just as light?


G      Bm
I am, Spartan
G                 Bm
Close my heart so tight
G      Bm
Jesus, Save me
G             Em         Bm
from myself tonight

Limping through the world
           D                    Em
There's a knowing look or two
Is it just the cripples here
    G              A          Bm
who understand the truth?
Bm               C#m
  Why is love so painful
    D		           Em
Why do we always lose?
paving pathways for the lost
    G             A
the bitter, and recluse?


         G                A
He said "Love endures all things"
       D                   F#m
and it hurts to think it's true
       G             Bm
did it nail Him to a cross
did it crucify Him too?

[Back to Chorus, instead of ending on Em just go straight from the G to the D for the bridge]

    D          Bm      G        A
The angels are singing over the plains
    D             Bm       G          A
the shepherds are quaking, echoing refrains
    D           Bm       G               G
And all of our slogans designed to take away the pain
      Bm             F#m             G              A
meant nothing to the Son of God that night in Bethlehem.

[Back to chorus, end on Dm, then final chord of Am to wrap it up!]
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