Five Iron Frenzy - Every New Day tab

i've noticed that everyone only puts chords of this song out, so here's my tab 
please feel free to correct errors


e|-44-477-777-755-5-------| |-55-577-799-966-6-------| |-66-688-899-966-6-------| |------------------------| |------------------------|E|------------------------|
then verses/chorus (repeat until prechorus)
e|--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |-77-755-99-10-10--10-33-66------| |-77-755-99-10-10--10-33-66------| |-55-533-77--8--8---8-11-44------|E|--------------------------------|
and the prechorus
e|---------------------------| |---------------------------| |-55-579-33-375-------------| |-55-579-33-375-------------| |-33-557-11-153-------------|E|---------------------------|
okies... good luck...
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