Five Iron Frenzy - Dandelions tab

Song    : Dandilions
Artist  : Five Iron Frenzy
Album   : Quantity is Job 1
Tab By  : Skankordie (the tamest rudegrrrl)
Email   :

Order of Operations:
Wait about 6 measures (horn solo), Verse, Pre-Chorus, Verse, Pre-Chorus,
Chorus, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Pre-Chorus, Chorus 2x

Verse:G:---------------------------------------------------------|D:--11--4--2--------2-----2--------------------------------| PlayA:------------5--4-----5---------4--7--5-4------4--7--5-4--| 2xE:---------------------------55-------------55-------------|
Pre-Chorus:A:--9--8--7--66---- Play 3x --9--8--7--66----5555--4444--7777-------|E:--------------7-- then: --------------7-------------------4444--|
Chorus: ( \ means slide down) |A:-------77\-------99\--5555-4444-2222-----------------------------------| |End of song:E:--55\-------77\----------------------2222-- Play 2x | E:--22-00-5----|
Bridge:G:----------------------- -------------------------------------------|D:----------------------- Play 2x ------------1111-2222-3333-4444-2222-3333--|A:--4444-5555------2222-- then: --4444-5555--------------------------------|E:------------5555------- -------------------------------------------|
This seems right... to me, anyways. If you have any corrections, tell me please. And... if you'd like an epal, I am here. Have fun! skankordie (TesSKA) the tamest rudegrrrl
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