Five Man Electrical Band – Signs tab

Five Man Electrical Band
Tabbed by Derrick

This song starts off with a guitar and keyboard instrumental in A before switching to D.
I only tabbed the guitar riff just before it switches to D.

A DE----------------------2-2-3-2-2-|B----------------------3-3-3-3-3-|G---5-7b(9)r7-5-7-5----2-2-2---2-|D-7-----------------7--0-0-0---0-|A--------------------------------|E--------------------------------|
And the [C] sign says [G] long haired freaky people [D] need not [G] apply So [D] I tucked my hair [A] under my hat and I [G] went in to ask him [A] why [Bm] He said you look like a fine outstanding young [G] man, I think you'll do So I [D] took off my hat and said I-[A] magine that, huh [G] me working for [A] you Chorus: [D] Signs, signs, [C] everywhere a [G] sign [D] blockin' up the scenery, [G] breakin my mind [D] Do this, don't do [A] that, can't you read the [C] sign? [D](Dsus} And the [C] sign says [G] all trespassers will be [D] shot on [G] sight So I [D] jumped the fence and [A] yelled at the house hey, [G] what gives you the [A] right To [Bm] put up a fence to keep me out or to [G] keep mother nature in If [D] God were here he'd [A] tell it to your face, [G] man you're some kind of [A] sinner {Repeat Chorus}
Intro to bridge: D AE------------------|B------------------|G------------------|D------------------|A—55-5-5-5---------|E----------2-3-4-5-|
Bridge: Now [A] hey there mister can't you read?, You [G] gotta have a shirt and [D] tie to get a seat [D] You can't even watch, no [A] you can't even [G] You ain't supposed to [D] be here........(pause) And the [C] sign says you [G] got to have a membership [D] card to get in-[G] side {Solo over chorus progression} And the [C] sign said [G] everybody welcome come [D] in, kneel down and [G] pray, But then they [D] passed around the plate at the [A] end of it all, I [G] didn't have a penny to [A] pay, So I [Bm] got me a pen and paper, and I [G] made out my own little sign I said [D] thank you, Lord, for [A] thinkin' 'bout me, I'm [G] alive and doin' [A] fine {Repeat Chorus}
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