Fixx - Are We Ourselves tab

this is my shot at the Fixx's  "Are We Ourselves":


.H. .H. .H. sl .H. .H. .H. sl1)-----------------------------------------------------------------|2)-----------------------------------------------------------------|3)-7--5-7-5-7------------------7--7-5-7-5-7-----------7------------|4)--------------5--5-5-7---------------------5--5-5-7--------------|5)-----------------------5\-----------------------------5\---------|6)-------------------------\------------------------------\--------| R I.R I.R I I I.R I\ R R I.R I.R I I I.R R I\
Lost feelings returned So now maybe I can learn To stop this word of a lie This time around CHORUS: GTR 1 Dm F G Dm F G Are we Are we Are we our-selves Are we Are we Are we our-selves GTR 2
1)-1-1-----3-----1---------3--------1-1-----3-----1----------3------------|2)-3---3-----3-----1---------3------3---3-----3-----3---1-----------------|3)-2-----2-----2-----0---------0----2-----2-----2-----2----0--------------|4)-0--------------------------------0-------------------------------------|5)------------------------------------------------------------------------|6)------------------------------------------------------------------------| I R M P R M I I O R R O I R M P R M I R M I O R
MAIN VERSE: You just see through these eyes We lead a double life No one will know So check it out check it out here I go CHORUS: (X2) BRIDGE: A5 / Bb5 / A5 / Bb5 / A5 / Bb5 / A5 / Bb5 MAIN VERSE: A lost spirit returns So now maybe we learn To stop this world of a lie This time around CHORUS: Repeat till end
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