Flaming Lips - The Gash chords

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Artist: The Flaming Lips
  Song: The Gash

 Album: The Soft Bulletin
Artist: The Flaming Lips

AIs that gash in your leg really why you have stopped
Cause I've noticed all the others though they're gashed they're stiull going
Dcause I feel like the real reason that you're quitting is that you're admitting
A G Athat you've lost all the will to battle on
D EWill the fight for sanity
C#m F#mBe the fight of our lives
D ENow that we've lost all the reasons
C#m EThat we thought that we had
AStill the battle that we're in rages on til the end
E With the explosions words are open sights and smells
Deyes and noses, but the thought that went unspoken
Awas understanding that you're broken - still the last
G A Gvolunteer battles on,
A Gbattles on,
Abattles on...
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