Flaming Lips - Bad Days chords

It's a bass note walk down from G to F while the horns play

Then the first two verses have a country style alternate bass note thing Verse:
A You're sorta stuck where you are
E But in your dreams you can buy expensive cars
AOr live on mars and have it your way
And you hate your boss at your job But in your dreams you can blow his head off In your dreams show no mercy Chorus:
A D AAnd all your bad days will end
A D AAnd all your bad days will end
(Kick in distortion and a rock beat)
D E DYou have to sleep late when you can
D E AAnd all your bad days will end
--Bass changes up to: A D A AD-------------|--0-0-------|-------------|------------|A---0-0-------|------0-2-0-|--0-0--------|-0-0--------|E-------0-2-0-|------------|------0-2-0--|------0-2-0-|
Keep this going over the chorus progression. I usually strum the whole chord on the first two notes of each measure to combine the bass line with the chords. Play around with it and use a similar bass line for the E Repeat chorus and intro and fin Enjoy and rock on to save the world "Quit work, make music" Email me with questions, comments, corrections: readingrainbow46n2@yahoo.com
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